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Sports illustrated
"Morgan spends part of his offseason days with his wife and two kids catching up on Father Time he missed during the NFL grind but with a focus on learning more about the business world, like equity crowdfunding. He recently watched a popular YouTube video with angel investor Manny Fernandez and within 24 hours, Morgan was on the phone picking Fernandez’s brain."
Tennessee Titans’ Derrick Morgan Tackles Investment, Technology With Huddle Ventures
Mar 15 2017

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"A great rule of thumb I heard from Manny Fernandez of DreamFunded, "Don't take advice from people unless they are writing you a check."
How to Speak Investor Not Inventor and Get Funded
Mar 6 2017

"Manny Fernandez, a best-selling author and the first Latino investor to be featured on CNBC’s “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor,” will be the keynote speaker. "
Solano Hispanic chamber set to fete best business, leaders
Mar 6 2017

Bay area focus
"Just believe in it and do it! Do not ask people for advice. They are going to tell you no. That’s the problem. Asking for advice all day long is great but taking action is more important”, adds Fernandez as well as predicts the future of funding in Silicon Valley. "
Bay Area Focus’s Michelle Griego is interviewing Manny Fernandez
Mar 5 2017

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"Tap into their community to allow everyone to back their business. Manny Fernandez, CEO,"
Do you want to be the owner of a business? Follow these recommendations.
Mar 4 2017

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"Equity-based Crowdfunding: Investors receive equity ownership in the company they invest in. Examples:"
Your Options for Raising Capital & Knowing Which to Choose
Mar 3 2017

Yahoo finance
"Innovative solutions are enabling dreams to become reality, in turn becoming thriving businesses. Angel investor and serial entrepreneur, Manny Fernandez leads the discussion. "Closing the funding gap by bringing communities together is what envisions with equity crowdfunding", adds Manny Fernandez, CEO,"
Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Convene to Build a Stronger California at 2017 California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Economic Summit
Mar 3 2017

Karen hunter
"Rejection proof fundraising with"
Manny Fernandez on Karen Hunter Radio Show
Mar 1 2017

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"In May of last year, the SEC Equity Crowdfunding rules went into effect with 8 platforms initially filing for registration to become Equity Crowdfunding portals. is one of those firms and I tapped into co-founder Manny Fernandez's expertise so I could bring you the details you need to know. Manny says he has a network of investors totaling over 160,000, is enabling investors to receive company equity in return for investment capital on a very large scale. "
Everything You Need to Know About Getting Funded
Mar 1 2017

"Manny Fernandez, a bestselling author and the first Latino investor to be featured on CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor,” will be the keynote speaker. He was awarded Shark of the Year by the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce."
Solano Hispanic Chamber celebrates 10th annual gala
Feb 28 2017

Usa today
""This is only a small bump in the road. (Uber) has become an essential habit in so many peoples’ lives. Business will go on as usual, and people have short-term memories," says Manny Fernandez, CEO of angel investment firm"
Manny Fernandez of DreamFunded is quoted in USA Today
Feb 24 2017

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"What is Equity-based Crowdfunding? Let’s break it down, bite by bite. Equity is ownership, crowd is a large number of people and funding is money. See not that hard! Equity-based Crowdfunding is a concept pioneered by Manny Fernandez, co-founder of DreamFunded in which investors receive equity ownership in the company in exchange for financial resources."
Democratic, fair and equitable way of investing of the future: Equity Crowdfunding
Feb 13 2017

Karen hunter
"If we want to organize and become big, now is our chance!"
The CrowdFunding Revolution - Building Our Communities by Coming Together
Dec 27 2016

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"Currently, DreamFunded offers investments in startups like Aqua Blaster, a firm with a new hose nozzle for firefighting and pressure washing, and WorkCar, an Uber-like outfit planning to provide work vehicles. The portal supplies bios on startups’ management teams, a quick financial analysis and the firm’s business plan. DreamFunded’s co-founder and CEO, Manny Fernandez, says the screening also entails interviews with management, credit checks, and criminal and terrorist background checks. Though he thinks the industry will grow and provide valuable service to startups and small firms ignored by the venture-capital industry, he agrees the investor is more likely to lose money than to get rich. ‘If you want a safe, secure bet, this is not the way to go.’ —DreamFunded’s co-founder Manny Fernandez"
Startup Investing for the Little Guy
Dec 5 2016

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"Silicon Valley investor Manny Fernandez, who has appeared on CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor,” will be a featured speaker Nov. 16 at a Latino business summit in Santa Rosa."
Investor Manny Fernandez to speak at Santa Rosa Latino business summit
Nov 4 2016

Black enterprise
"A new venture,, pairs those looking to invest in a company with founders seeking funds. It is a members-only crowdfunding platform. The DreamFunded team screens and vets all startups. Members, in turn, can select from the startups they wish to invest in, in many cases, for as little as $10. "
Black-Owned Tech Startups Offer Stock Options for Crowdfunding
Oct 31 2016

"Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of and the 2014 Equity Crowdfunding Leadership Award recipient, notes, “When a company is just starting, transparency in terms of financials is irrelevant because there is nothing to hide from potential investors. This is one of the various ways in which established investors are trying to maintain control of entrepreneurs and prevent them from finding alternate funding opportunities apart from the traditional methods. It makes good business sense to all involved."
What regulation crowdfunding in the JOBS Act means to entrepreneurs and startups
Oct 12 2016

"His invention, dubbed the Aqua Blaster, secured a $1 million investment from DreamFunded CEO Manny Fernandez at a valuation of just over $3 million in the premiere episode of CNBC's "Make Me a Millionaire Inventor.""
After 16 years, this firefighter raised $1 million for his hands-free hose
Oct 7 2016

"DreamFunded CEO Manny Fernandez: White House to CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor"
DreamFunded CEO Manny Fernandez: White House to CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor”
Oct 6 2016

"The government has given us the opportunity to allow everyday people to back entrepreneurs that they care about and believe in. In the past, you had to be involved in this small investor club to invest in private companies and now entrepreneurs that are not getting the approval by a venture capitalist or angel investor can use this method to raise money and build their dream business."
Manny Fernandez featured on CBS
Oct 3 2016

Abc radio
"Turn up the volume and listen to our interview with angel investor, serial entrepreneur and founder of DreamFunded a world-class equity crowdfunding platform providing exclusive insider access to some of the most sought after seed- and later-stage private tech companies in the world."
Manny Fernandez on ABC Radio
Sep 25 2016

"DreamFunded CEO and co-founder Manny Fernandez believes that becoming a speaker made a huge difference in his business success. Fernandez says, “I got involved in the investing community and got to know the organizers at events which I attended. This allowed me to get recognized by the organizers and invited back as a judge, speaker, and panelist for events in Silicon Valley which, in turn, has led to many unseen opportunities and media coverage. The media coverage helped to build and promote the brand. "
How to Make Your Small Business Stand Out
Sep 15 2016

"DreamFunded was approved by FINRA/SEC to operate a funding portal under Title III of the JOBS Act. Title III or Reg CF allows companies to raise up to $1 million from non-accredited and accredited investors alike. The new security exemption became actionable this past May and has since experienced diverse utilization from a wide range of companies seeking growth capital. DreamFunded had been operating as an accredited crowdfunding platform under Reg D."
DreamFunded Comments on Receiving Funding Portal Approval Under Title III
Jul 27 2016

"I was so excited about it because we can give back and show people how to scale their businesses."
Stanford University Video
Jul 21 2016

"DreamFunded is the first SF-headquartered firm to get approval from FINRA to launch a portal that will enable many people — not just the rich — to invest in technology through crowdfunding. According to DreamFunded, it’s also the first Latino-led equity crowdfunding portal anywhere to get FINRA approval. The force behind DreamFunded is Manny Fernandez, a Silicon Valley-based angel investor who has made a name for himself by helping people outside the Valley understand how to play by its rules. He’s also becoming a fixture on cable TV business shows, and will soon be featured on a Shark Tank-like show."
A Latino Angel Wants To Help You Invest In Tech Startups
Jul 17 2016

Fox news latino
"The secret is, and this is used by people in Silicon Valley every day, go to your own contacts first. Ask them to refer you to the people who you want to meet, and those people, who could be possible investors, will take your meetings because they have some connection to you and they trust you,” he told Fox New Latino."
Our American Dream: Start-up guru Manny Fernandez connects entrepreneurs to investors
Jun 28 2016

"14. Manny Fernandez, Fernandez is a rising investor star of Silicon Valley. He is co-founder/CEO of, which is an equity crowdfunding platform that provides access to pre-IPO companies. Manny is the winner of SF Angel Investor of the Year and equity crowdfunding leadership award. @MannyFernandez "
Meet the Angels: Silicon Valley’s Most Well-Known Investors of 2016
Jun 23 2016

"Most entrepreneurs miss their guidelines or milestones,” says Manny Fernandez, co-founder of equity crowdfunding firm and founder of the SF Angels Group, both based in San Francisco. “Entrepreneurs have wildly optimistic goals and the investor likes hearing about those milestones and goals. Although the entrepreneur tries their best effort to reach those goals, sometimes they don’t but they end up with a better or different solution."
Missed the Milestone? You can recover.
Jun 16 2016

"New Fundraising Platforms Pop Up. This has led to an explosion of equity crowdfunding companies that include portals like The idea that you can not only get rewards as an investor but also a piece of equity through a crowdfunding campaign is seen by some as a way that companies will raise much more than by Indiegogo or Kickstarter alone."
How New Crowdfunding Laws are Giving Amateur Investors the Insider Track
May 16 2016

"I am excited to lead this historic event. It will be one of the first live equity crowdfunding events in history that allows everyday Americans to fund who they want back."
Brief: Dreamfunded CEO Fernandez Sets Date for Live Equity Crowdfunding Event
May 12 2016

Chicago tribune
"In general though there isn't much liquidity for startup private shares. Larger more successful startups, the kind you've heard of, do sometimes allow early investors and employees to sell shares on secondary markets such as DreamFunded."
Actually, Investment Crowdfunding is already here.
May 8 2016

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"On May 16th everyday people can invest in startups through an online platform for the first time in 83-years!"
Manny Fernandez/ DreamFunded on KNTV NBC 3
May 8 2016

"One name has been synonymous with equity crowdfunding in Silicon Valley and that name is Manny Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of"
Menlo College Names Manny Fernandez “Silicon Valley Equity CrowdFunding Pioneer”
Apr 29 2016

"Manny Fernandez directs the collective funding platform ' DreamFunded ' which allows private investors to finance technology companies to help them grow."
One option for Hispanics to finance their dreams of technology
Apr 18 2016

Business com
" is the next generation of funding for startup founders. It enables crowdfunding for your startup."
Comprehensive Starter Kit: 50 Free Resources to Help Grow Your Business
Feb 23 2016

Cnbc squawk box
"Manny Fernandez, DreamFunded CEO, discusses how his company benefits pre-IPO tech companies and investors even through volatile periods."
Providing reasonable prices for investors: DreamFunded CEO
Feb 12 2016

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"I can find potential investors on marketplaces like DreamFunded."
What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know Before Moving to Silicon Valley
Feb 8 2016

"Manny Fernandez, Co-Founder and CEO of and serial entrepreneur, just shared some great tips and tricks at Slush 2015 in Finland."
Raise to Launch: Using Equity Crowdfunding to Raise Startup Funds
Jan 18 2016

Pacific business news
"The exciting thing for Hawaii is the JOBS Act means everyday people can invest and these startups can get going,” said Fernandez, who founded a website to facilitate equity crowdfunding called"
Crowdfunding is key to Hawaii’s startup future
Jan 15 2016

"Platforms like DreamFunded bring investment access to a far wider audience – even if you address is not on Sand Hill Road. CNBC Host Andrew Ross Sorkin questioned the degree of disclosure demanded of private companies and whether or not this is a good thing. Of course, this is a valid question for each investment crowdfunding platform but the opportunity for greater transparency may allow for improved investor scrutiny. Time will tell. Fernandez states, “hopefully one day some of these platforms will serve as a private IPO."
DreamFunded CEO Manny Fernandez Talks Private vs Public Markets
Dec 26 2015

Cnbc squawk box
"Manny Fernandez, DreamFunded CEO, weighs in on Silicon Valley's private tech stock market that connects angel investors with private markets through an equity crowdfunding platform."
Betting on pre-IPO companies
Dec 24 2015

International business times
"The hope is that this bill will make it possible for more employees, especially those of high-valued private tech companies, to liquidate their holdings and pump more money back into the economy. “If you have an abundance of employees who are able to sell their shares, they’ll start unlocking millions of dollars in this economy,” said Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of"
Unicorn Workers Could Become Overnight Millionaires Under Law That Eases Restrictions On Private Shares
Dec 3 2015

Masthead houston chronicle
"It's a high-risk business. Only invest what you can afford to lose, and diversify so you have a portfolio of companies, not just one or two," said Manny Fernandez, CEO of and a former San Francisco Angel Investor of the Year. "A smaller dollar amount across a larger portfolio will enhance your chances of portfolio success."
A little Latin goes a long way in the new investing world
Nov 24 2015

"Manny Fernandez, a leading San Francisco angel investor has invested in Finnish equity and debt crowdfunding platform Invesdor. At the same time, Invesdor will subsequently form an alliance with San Francisco-based equity crowdfunding platform"
San Francisco Angel Investor Invests In Finnish Crowdfunding Service
Nov 19 2015

"“The crowdfunding market is growing rapidly on a global level. We are creating a strong funding structure by building a bridge between Europe and Silicon Valley,” commented Fernandez."
Invesdor to Partner with DreamFunded, Receives Investment in New Partnership
Nov 19 2015

"“The crowdfunding market is growing very rapidly on a global level. We want to create structure by building a bridge between Europe and Silicon Valley”, states Fernandez who is also the CEO of Dreamfunded. DreamFunded provides investment access to early stage and proven tech companies and Silicon Valley’s private tech stock exchange through In addition to being the CEO of the platform, Fernandez is also the founder and President in SF Angels Group, an invite-only 32-angel investor group based in San Francisco."
Silicon Valley crowdfunding platform and Invesdor to join forces
Nov 13 2015 logo
"These new sources include equity crowdfunding marketplaces like"
Startup Funding Enters Its Next Phase: a Ten-Year Evolution
Nov 8 2015

International business times a
"Everyone can have access to capital to start or build a business,” said Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of DreamFunded, a micro venture capital firm and angel investment platform. "Now everyone can choose what to fund instead of a couple of people on Sand Hill Road."
Tech Diversity: New SEC Crowdfunding Rules Are A Big Win For Minority, Women Entrepreneurs
Oct 30 2015

"Manny Fernandez, CEO of is passionate about encouraging and building startups. He was named the 2014 SF Angel Investor of the Year and has received the Equity Crowdfunding Leadership Award. "
33 Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Thought Leaders to Watch in 2016
Oct 20 2015

"DreamFunded is another San Francisco-based fundraising service company founded after the passage of the JOBS Act. Founder and CEO Manny Fernandez, an angel investor, says DreamFunded accepts investments of as little as $5,000 from accredited investors, and also groups them into funds that invest in a single startup. DreamFunded makes money on fees and other revenues from the administration of these funds."
As SEC Mulls Equity Crowdfunding, CA Entrepreneurs Test Other Options
Oct 19 2015

"This approach has led to one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date; it raised $280,000 in just 30 days last year. Most recently, top tier investors have noticed Notion's potential, with $2 million in investment capital from Draper Nexus Ventures, Gabriel Investments, Galvanize Ventures, Foundry Group Angels, Tech Stars and DreamFunded. "Notion provides home security and peace of mind for homeowners, but I really admire Notion's founders and their vision for the future of connected homes," said Manny Fernandez, CEO of "
IoT device startup creates customizable sensors
Sep 23 2015

"Luck plays a large part in any success but it is still largely in one’s control. Things that can improve your chances of getting lucky are: hard work, staying positive, being a great student, having the right mentors, and surrounding yourself with the right people or team to help. " - Manny Fernandez "
From Startups to Investments: An Investor’s POV
Sep 9 2015

Business insider
"Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of San Francisco angel investment platform and a self-described “unicorn hunter,” said there isn’t a day that he doesn’t hear talk of unicorns. “We are in the era of the unicorns,” Fernandez said."
Here's the real reason billion-dollar startups are called unicorns
Sep 3 2015

"That’s the challenge that DreamFunded – a new “equity crowdfunding platform” — has identified as its sole mission. It recently raised a $1 million fund to invest in women and minority-led companies in their early stages."
DreamFunded: Where Diversity Tech Angels Earn Their Wings
Sep 2 2015

Abc 10news gold.jpg
"Manny Fernandez of was hard to impress, however. The teams that presented were mostly met with critical questions and offers to help – until the end, the sharks showed little willingness to bite in terms of making an investment. The last company, however, did make an impact. Remoov, a San Francisco-based startup that promises to pick up and resell unwanted items, moved Fernandez to offer to invest. While the exact investment is to be determined, Fernandez said would invest at least $50,000 in the 1-year-old startup."
Startup via for funding at Shark Tank Event
Aug 21 2015

International business times a
""I can't name five [Hispanic venture capital partners] -- I probably can't name three," said Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of DreamFunded, a micro venture capital firm and angel investment platform."
Silicon Valley's Diversity Fail Includes White-Male Dominated VCs (And It's Killing Women And Minority Startups)
Aug 4 2015

"Ask those early investors for an investor introduction, if you already have some funding. Like creating those social media brand advocates that preach the word about companies and products, these early investors can also fervently share their enthusiasm with other investors and create an introduction that can help with something they see is missing – whether that is additional funding or segment experience or connections. “An investor will listen to an investor, and likely already knows what it is like to work with them. The trust and working relationship is established so that introduction may just be what solidifies a great opportunity.” Manny Fernandez Founder of"
How to Get Introduced to Investors
Jul 10 2015

International business times a
"This is not a lotto ticket,” said Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of angel investment platform “There's very high risk, and you should only invest what you can lose, because the odds of someone investing and becoming rich based on that one investment -- it's a great long shot."
Regulation A+ 'Mini-IPOs' On The Way As Rule Change Allows Regular Joes To Invest In Startups
Jun 18 2015

"Mercer Island investor and entrepreneur, Rexford Hibbs moved to the Silicon Valley to pursue his dreams as a co-founder of, which has over 4,000 accredited investors. Hibbs returns to the Eastside on Wednesday evening, June 10 to host: “The New and Improved Way of Investing in Startups."
Investors invited to hear about 'modernized investing'
Jun 9 2015
"DreamFunded was launched in 2014, and it quickly became so successful that the company’s CEO, Manny Fernandez, was given the Startups Showcase “SF Angel Investor of the Year” award. Co-founders Fernandez and Rexford R. Hibbs, investment mentor Bill Payne also recently received kudos for DreamFunded by Entrepreneur when their company was named one of the 25 Businesses That Make Life Simpler for Other Businesses. These achievements have led to a membership base of more than 4,000 accredited investors."
DreamFunded: Bringing Investors and Startups Together
Jun 9 2015

"DreamFunded, a company based out of San Francisco, connects investors with what they believe are the most promising startups. They provide a platform to help investors make smart, fast decisions that simultaneously support innovative entrepreneurs. Based on their vision, everybody wins."
DreamFunded Brings Investing Workshop to Eastside
Jun 5 2015

San diego
"Increasingly, though, equity crowdfunding sites such as DreamFunded and others are facilitating equity investments in young firms."
What's the future of crowd funding for start-ups?
Apr 15 2015

International business times
"Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of San Francisco angel investment platform, said the tech world does care about the city’s diversity and hiring more minorities, but it’s impossible to improve workforce diversity figures overnight. “I believe the tech world cares and understands the concerns. It just takes time to make a change,” Fernandez said."
As Tech Giants Push For Diversity, Blacks And Latinos Are Fleeing Once-Diverse San Francisco
Apr 9 2015

International business times
"How important the Super Bowl is to football, that's what SXSW is to tech,” said Manny Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of"
SXSW: Tech Needs More Than Talk To Fix Dismal Diversity Record
Mar 13 2015

Santa cuz sentinel
"Angel investor and startup advisor Manny Fernandez says his newest venture, DreamFunded, is interested in funding Santa Cruz startups. He will speak to Startup Grind Monterey Bay."
DreamFunded founder Manny Fernandez to speak Friday
Sep 23 2014

"Manny Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of equity crowdfunding platform DreamFunded and SF Angels Group founder, has enjoyed quite a summer: Fernandez recently was awarded “SF Angel Investor of the Year” by Startups Showcase and his recently launched currently remains ranked on AngelList’s most popular startups, peaking at second place."
DreamFunded’s Co-Founder Manny Fernandez: Catching Up with SF’s Guardian Angel
Sep 17 2014