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San Diego, CA
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  • Self-help marketplace via Video On Demand (VOD), mobile TV streaming platform

  • Early phase startup with tremendous momentum going into year 2 of operation:

    • 739% increase in onboarding B2B industry experts through paid memberships

    • 209% user growth and 32% B2C audience viewing engagement

    • $2.3M Owned & Operated (O&O) appreciating video library asset


  • 75+ years combined experience in entertainment and consumer marketing with deep-rooted expertise in activating multi-cultural audiences coming from industry leaders such as Nike, Sony, Discovery Channel, and Google 

  • Collectively responsible for generating $567M in revenues and 4.6B in impressions 

  • Business growth and scaling experience within Fortune 500 companies and startups

  • Strategic relationship builders with corporations, advertisers, media, technology

  • Relevant industry experience in content and media across all screens, production, healthcare, education, technology

Why Me Tyme Network?


America is stressed out now more than ever.  We ALL experience stress on a daily basis.  There are issues related family, financial, work, and relationship that we deal with every day and the list goes on and on. HOW people are coping with their stress is having a tremendous effect on our community family and workplace, particularly with women and the younger generation. Chronic stress and depression are a critical issue, and 25% of women medicate with antidepressants. The top two issues on college campuses among our future leaders are anxiety and depression. Per year in the workplace, stress, depression and emotionally related illnesses account for 55 million hours of missed workdays and $150 billion in lost productivity costs due to personal issues. 1 in 5 Americans claims to have no one to rely on for emotional support.  And sadly, 67% of our target audience, millennials and multicultural, are surfing the internet and social media as a coping mechanism to deal with their problems. This is why the time for Me Tyme is now.



Me Tyme Network (MTN) is an on demand self-help marketplace that features industry experts in innovative snackable video content designed to improve emotional intelligence, health, and wellness. Original content is distributed through a multi-channel, interactive, mobile TV streaming platform.



There is a *$35B market opportunity in this accelerated growth sector for the MTN Brand, as a Video on Demand LEADER and a DISRUPTOR to the self-improvement industry, by serving 3 audiences that the industry has ignored for the last 20 years - Younger Women, Men and Multicultural Consumers (especially U.S. Hispanics).  67% of the target audience surf the Internet to manage stress, and that percentage continues to increase each year, highlighting the MTN value proposition. 

*Our target audience annually spends: (1) $11B on Self-Help Products, (2) $27B on Therapy and Coaching, (3) $12B on Corporate Wellness, totaling $50B+ per year. MTN’s Serviceable Addressable Market opportunity equates to $35B based on 67% of the self-improvement market engaged online. 


The leading features that differentiate MTN from the market and generate drivers for success are (1) We connect consumers with the right expertise, by aligning our members and partners with the right demographic and psychographic needs. (2) We provide convenience and private access so that our viewing community has secure, protected and confidential engagement at their fingertips. (3) We deliver a cost-effective and time-saving methodology to solve real and right now problems through short form video content to accommodate hectic job environments, lifestyles, and schedules. (4) We activate digital business enhancement platforms to boost visibility, awareness, and search, leading to high demand for our expert’s offerings with our product and service tools, powered by the credibility of the MTN brand.


B2B | Industry Experts

In year one, MTN experienced a 739% increase in onboarding experts through paid memberships in less than 6 months equating to a 9x revenue growth.  MTN has also directly produced 207 videos (309 minutes of content) equating to a $2.3M appreciating video library asset.

In Q1 of 2016, we launched our first two Video-on-Demand original programming products via social media channels. The Me Tyme Minutes and Me Tyme Gurus feature a variety of experts from the psychotherapy and self-improvement industry in snackable videos (1-2 minutes in length) and are designed to help people on the spot in overcoming and managing emotional stressors in both their personal and professional life. 

By initially producing in both English and Spanish, MTN is providing relevant solutions to every-day problems to an underserved audience that is desperately in need.



B2C | Users + Viewing Audience Engagement

In year one, MTN experienced 207% audience growth on Facebook where MVP videos were launched to establish proof of concept and to build network following. With engagement levels that far outperform the 5% education industry standard, MTN videos have yielded 32% engagement in English language and 54% engagement in Spanish language.





MTN will execute 1) An aggressive production strategy to become the #1 Video-On-Demand provider in the Emotional Quotient (EQ) space, (2) Expand MTN operations into Los Angeles to leverage existing production, editing, digital and human resource talent pool in the market, (3) Aggressively grow the MTN audience to capture a viewership that will secure premium advertising and promotion partners and (4) Lay the foundation for the development of the technology distribution platform that will enable multiple forms of content, education, sharing and engagement, and (5) Launch a subscription based product line to delineate various demand for long and short form content usage as well as one-on-one engagement with experts or group activation with other subscribers.

2017 MTN will increase its production capabilities significantly while attracting a wider array of experts, which will increase the overall reach, viewership, and audience of MTN.  Concurrently, the technical team will be transitioning owned and operated content onto the MTN App, “Me Tyme TV.”  All information, data, and analytics will be 100% controlled by MTN with the existing social media channels continuing to entertain audiences. Ownership of real estate, viewership information and programming flexibility will position MTN to attract brand partners.

2018 MTN will enjoy enhanced revenue streams from (1) An array of experts entering into the network, (2) Brand partnerships and (3) Content licensing to EQ service providers and organizations.  In addition, MTN will launch its app with the major focus on driving subscriptions via the app so that users can fully access the wide array of MTN offerings.

2019 MTN will enhance its industry-leading technical capabilities to launch a multi-channel programming platform. The experts will be segmented and clustered so that MTN can leverage the power of the collective in one concentrated location - similar to shoppers tuning into QVC.  For subscribers, they know exactly where to go to get what they need in a quick, efficient way. To enhance the experience, the technical team will develop virtual reality engagement to create a personal, high impact experience for the expert and subscriber. This cutting edge approach will distinguish MTN from its competitors to improve market penetration.


Your investment will be in the form of a SAFE Note, Simple Agreement for Future Equity, and as we grow so does your investment (for more detail please consult with your personal investment and/or accounting services professional). 

Investment funds raised through DreamFunded will be utilized to support ongoing initiatives to grow the MTN portfolio of experts and library of content as well as increase audience, engagement, and viewership, all of the necessary ingredients to boost revenue growth and company valueSince you come in at the ground level, upon receipt of MTN’s next level of financing, your SAFE Note will transform into equity, which will increase in value commensurately with MTN. As MTN grows, every step along the way you will be informed of share value, other investors and major MTN financial results, maneuvers, and accomplishments. 




Our Mission



Remy meraz metymenetwork

Remy Meraz

Founder, CEO

Remy Meraz is the Founder and CEO of Me Tyme Network Inc.™, an online self-help marketplace featuring industry experts in snackable on demand video content designed to improve emotional intelligence, health, and wellness. A natural born marketer, Ms. Meraz has a 25-year sales and marketing career that spans across a variety of industries including airlines, media, entertainment, advertising, and clean energy where she has generated over $20M in revenues and multi-millions in impressions. She has held positions with large and small companies alike and has managed national advertising and marketing campaigns for well-established brands such as Nike and HBO and was an instrumental player in the launch of revolutionary new products such as the CE5, the first to market, clean energy system manufactured by ClearEdge Power, a $200M VC-backed startup.

The concept for Me Tyme Network was born from observing continuous challenges plaguing underserved communities and small to mid-size businesses related to emotional well-being, stigma, and access to mental health resources.

She is a 2016 graduate of the Startup Leadership Program, a highly selective, global CEO training and accelerator program for outstanding innovators of companies creating social impact. A dedicated servant leader, Remy is the immediate past President of the National Latina Business Women Assoc. SD Chapter where she advocated for Latina entrepreneurs. Her efforts were recognized in 2015 when she was invited to participate in the Small Business Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. where she interacted with senior members of the Obama Administration to help move the needle on issues affecting small business. In 2016 she was the winner of the CA Hispanic Chambers Convention Hispanic Shark Tank pitch competition and a nominee for Women's Advocate of the Year by NAWBO and Women Who Mean Business Award by the SD Business Journal. Her personal mission is to positively transform lives … a million at a time.


Damon Haley

Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategic Officer of Me Tyme Network, Damon overseas the direction of the business, marketing and growth strategy, financial planning, profitability, pricing and asset allocation with the Production, Marketing, Programming and Advertising teams. In addition, he works closely with the CEO on capital funding initiatives.

Successful marketing is a juggling act – developing and implementing campaigns that appeal to consumers, sponsors, clients, and partners, all the while attracting targeted audiences, promoting the brand, and delivering millions in revenues. No one does it better than Damon Haley, who has helped brands such as Nike, Jordan, Pepsi, HBO, Sony, Lionsgate, Frito-Lay, Nickelodeon, Moet Hennessy and Cartoon Network launch highly successful new products, consumer activations, theatrical film releases, influencer programs and sports experiences. He constantly applies his creativity, business acumen, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit in directing multiple highly effective and profitable ventures. If success is measured in hard numbers, Damon has those in abundance. He has generated $200M+ in revenues and managed 250+ successful consumer experience, retail promotion, key influencer and other promotional events. He has delivered outcomes that include more than 90% sell-through in product sales, greater than 2BN+ in online impressions, 50,000+ in daily attendance at sponsored events and $900M in box office revenues.

But Damon’s strengths and contributions are much more than generating revenue. His relationship-building abilities are unparalleled, whether closing major contracts, securing corporate relationships, or building a network of best-in-class partnerships and service providers on five continents. He is one of those rare hands-on executives who relishes getting into the trenches and working with expert creative, digital, production teams and diverse internal and external resources. His leadership style involves establishing success metrics, strategic intent, goal assessment, and cultural alignment in exceeding client goals.

Damon’s earlier positions included Sports Director of Troika - a brand consultancy and creative agency that specializes in entertainment branding and marketing. Damon was charged with leading the sports business and developing innovative strategies to leverage sports as an entertainment broadcast media platform. Prior to Troika, Damon excelled as Managing Partner and co-founder of UMCA Sports & Entertainment where he served as Chief Strategist, and helped grow the agency to $12M in revenues through major accounts he personally managed in New York, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Brazil and China. His roster of clients featured an impressive list of companies, agencies and sports and entertainment icons. Damon also was Marketing Manager: Western Region for Nike, Inc., where he directed integrated marketing that supported brand, retail, and sports categories. Prior to that, he rose through the ranks at Chevron Corporation, contributing to corporate planning, corporate treasury, investment strategy and overseas and shipping groups.

In addition to earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, Damon graduated from the Stephen A. Ross School of Business Administration (University of Michigan) with an MBA. Damon contributes to the academic community through speaking appearances at colleges and universities. Damon resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife Diann Valentine.


Mako Welmers

Co-Founder, VP Client Content

Mako is Co-Founder and VP of Partner Content for Me Tyme Network (MTN). Her passion for film and entertainment has taken her from small independent production companies to the mega studio lots at Sony Pictures and now to MTN where she leads the production of all video programming featuring network experts from the psychotherapy and self improvement industry.

Mako’s interest in improving her own emotional well being has allowed her to combine her film entertainment passion with her dream to produce content that inspires and helps others through the MTN platform. She is a highly effective project manager with 10+ years of managing multi-million dollar projects in the industrial and hospitality industry.

Prior to MTN, Mako worked for Lily Jack as a project manager lead for their high-end luxury hotel and restaurants division. In this position she successfully implemented processes to reduce financial waste. Previously Mako worked for Clear Channel and held various specialist positions in the entertainment legal arena. Mako is a serial entrepreneur, she previously co-founded ICANDI Designs and owned Sun Essentials Boutique.

When she’s not busy helping her teammates change the world, she loves spending time with her dog Sasha, eating good food with great friends and laughing with her son, Kyrum.


Ebony McClain

SVP Production

With a reputation for judicious use of resources and a unique blend of executive acumen and creativity, Ebony McClain, Me Tyme Network’s Senior Vice President of Production has been instrumental to the success of many companies.

Prior to her foray into the entertainment arena, Ebony successfully executed marketing strategies for several cable networks and sports companies, producing product launches and live event executions for several Fortune 500 corporations nationally. Consequently, working with companies like Nike, HBO, USA Networks and working for cable affiliates including Comcast, AT&T, and MediaOne incited a passion for entertainment that shortly led to television production where she has served in several capacities ranging from casting & development to producer. As a result, Ebony has penned her writing and producing talents to several shows including MTV's True Life, Lifetime's Mother/Daughter Experiment, Lifetime's Intervention: Teen Trouble, and Fox's daytime talk show, The Real for which she was nominated a Daytime Emmy Award. An avid learner, Ebony realizes the importance and value of learning every aspect of the business she is involved in from the ground up to insure that she is ever-evolving as an entertainment professional and consistently providing and creating opportunities for herself and others in the marketplace.

Ebony holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Communications from The University of Michigan and continues to produce independent projects as well as remain active in various non-profit organizations.

Simon drabble2

Simon Drabble

Senior Developer

Simon Drabble has been tapped to lead the development of MTN’s technology platform. His 20+ year career as a senior software engineer and systems administrator includes leading teams at well established companies such as Google and NBC Universal as well as high profile product launches such as iTriage a healthcare application that generated over 1 million downloads in the Android marketplace with an average 4.5 star rating, and was featured twice by Google.

Simon believes in getting software development right the first time and delivering high-quality professionalism and performance to every project. Simon brings a high level of skill in Unix systems and his specialties include application development in Python, Java, Perl, shell (sh, bash and derivatives), C, C++, HTML, CSS, Linux, OpenBSD, UNIX, JavaScript, HTML::Mason, DBI (including Class::DBI), networking, firewalls, TCP, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP, SOAP, XML, Catalyst, and Django.


Liz Quandt

Co-Founder, Director Programming

Originally contracted to develop and execute social media strategy for Me Tyme Network, it wasn’t before long that Liz Quandt’s excellent problem solving skills and commitment to the mission caught the attention of Me Tyme Network CEO. Liz was elevated to co-founder status within 6 months and is now the Director of Programming, responsible for content programming and distribution.

A true team player, Liz has demonstrated willingness and resourcefulness in accomplishing company milestones and goals. She has rolled up her sleeves to assist with all aspects of production, serving as in-studio director, producer, and videographer. She is also the resident Spanish translator and intern recruiter. As our chief resident millennial, Liz represents the voice of our target demographic and provides insights into behavioral trends.

Earlier in her career, Liz worked as a teacher for the San Francisco Unified School. It was here that she discovered her passion for education and the transformational power it has to empower individuals and communities. Showing signs of leadership even back then, at the age of 18, Liz was working as a Lead Teacher, responsible for managing a classroom of up to 30+ plus students and directing 2 assistant teachers. Liz moved to Southern California, arriving at the University of San Diego (USD) to pursue a Communication Studies degree. Her film-focused coursework inspired the development of another passion, that of filmmaking and the art of storytelling.

Soon after graduating, Liz joined the Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education, which houses a research center and a professional development team that offers pedagogical coaching to district leaders. Here she took on the administrative responsibilities of a team of 28 while also managing up to $40,000/month worth in team accounts. She also managed the institute’s online brand by directing marketing strategy.

In her role at Me Tyme Network, Liz has been able to align her passions for education, personal development and filmmaking. Liz versatility and resourcefulness have led her to her role as the youngest member of the Me Tyme Network Executive team.


Adeline Cassin

Lead Business Advisor, Acting Chief Growth Officer

Adeline Cassin is a trailblazer at the forefront of innovation in media, content, and technology.
Thriving on guiding a business from inception to record-breaking growth, from Fortune 100 companies to startups, Adeline has been responsible for $367M+ in revenue generation, and there’s much more to come.
Always up for a challenge and pushing the boundary on new territories, targets, and technologies, Adeline led the launch of all digital platforms for Discovery Communications across Latin America and U.S. multicultural, running the strategy and revenue generation across 13 different offices. She was a founding launch team leader in the compelling lifestyle multi-platform network Discovery Home&Health, with the mission to empower women in every aspect of their lives, establishing the growth trajectory to become the most successful international lifestyle channel for the company. And she skyrocketed the value of Discovery Kids in the U.S. and Latin America, increasing revenue by 30+ fold in record time.
Prior to Discovery, she co-founded the offices for CNN to the Hispanic and Latin America region and led the evolution of Time Warner across all screens. Most recently, Cassin spearheaded the international launch and development of Mitú, a leading content tech start-up for today’s mobile Latino generation, defining the future in content generation with the might of social influence and analytics insight.
Adeline is on a quest to inspire the world’s wellbeing through the power of impactful storytelling with the innovation of technology. Fueled by her multifaceted foundation, in addition to her degrees from the University of Notre Dame, and in-depth study at Seville University in international business and Kellogg Business School of Management, she graduated valedictorian from her military training as a former U.S. Army Signal Corps Captain and salutatorian from her health and wellness training with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. She also counts extensive exploration of the Amazon rainforest in her experience, which contributes to her perseverance against all odds, and commitment to excellence, outstanding leadership, vision, and consistent stellar results.
As the lead business advisor and acting Chief Growth Officer for MeTyme Network, Adeline is charged with spearheading the revenue growth across all business lines, fueled by innovation and insight to forge groundbreaking partnerships into industry leadership.

Terms of Offering

Offering Terms


CROWD SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)

Minimum Amount Per Investor





Please review the Form C filed with the SEC where you can view other important documents including financial statements and other disclosures.

Financial Risks

The SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) will not be freely tradable until one year from the initial purchase date. Although the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) may be tradeable under federal securities law, state securities regulations may apply and each Purchaser should consult with his or her attorney.

You should be aware of the long-term nature of this investment. There is not now and likely will not be a public market for the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). Because the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) have not been registered under the Securities Act or under the securities laws of any state or non-United States jurisdiction, the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) have transfer restrictions and cannot be resold in the United States except pursuant to Rule 501 of Regulation CF. It is not currently contemplated that registration under the Securities Act or other securities laws will be effected. Limitations on the transfer of the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) may also adversely affect the price that you might be able to obtain for the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) in a private sale. Purchasers should be aware of the long-term nature of their investment in the Company. Each Purchaser in this Offering will be required to represent that it is purchasing the Securities for its own account, for investment purposes and not with a view to resale or distribution thereof.

Neither the Offering nor the Securities have been registered under federal or state securities laws, leading to an absence of certain regulation applicable to the Company.

No governmental agency has reviewed or passed upon this Offering, the Company or any Securities of the Company. The Company also has relied on exemptions from securities registration requirements under applicable state securities laws. Investors in the Company, therefore, will not receive any of the benefits that such registration would otherwise provide. Prospective investors must therefore assess the adequacy of disclosure and the fairness of the terms of this offering on their own or in conjunction with their personal advisors.

No Guarantee of Return on Investment

There is no assurance that a Purchaser will realize a return on its investment or that it will not lose its entire investment. For this reason, each Purchaser should read the Form C and all Exhibits carefully and should consult with its own attorney and business advisor prior to making any investment decision.

A majority of the Company is owned by a small number of owners.

Prior to the offering the Company’s current owners of 20% or more beneficially own up to 100% of the Company. Subject to any fiduciary duties owed to our other owners or investors under California law, these owners may be able to exercise significant influence over matters requiring owner approval, including the election of directors or managers and approval of significant Company transactions, and will have significant control over the Company’s management and policies. Some of these persons may have interests that are different from yours. For example, these owners may support proposals and actions with which you may disagree. The concentration of ownership could delay or prevent a change in control of the Company or otherwise discourage a potential acquirer from attempting to obtain control of the Company, which in turn could reduce the price potential investors are willing to pay for the Company. In addition, these owners could use their voting influence to maintain the Company’s existing management, delay or prevent changes in control of the Company, or support or reject other management and board proposals that are subject to owner approval.

The Company has the right to extend the Offering deadline.

The Company may extend the Offering deadline beyond what is currently stated herein. This means that your investment may continue to be held in escrow while the Company attempts to raise the Minimum Amount even after the Offering deadline stated herein is reached. Your investment will not be accruing interest during this time and will simply be held until such time as the new Offering deadline is reached without the Company receiving the Minimum Amount, at which time it will be returned to you without interest or deduction, or the Company receives the Minimum Amount, at which time it will be released to the Company to be used as set forth herein. Upon or shortly after release of such funds to the Company, the Securities will be issued and distributed to you.

Your ownership of equity will be subject to dilution.

Purchasers do not have preemptive rights. If the Company conducts subsequent offerings of or securities convertible into, issues shares pursuant to a compensation or distribution reinvestment plan or otherwise issues additional shares, investors who purchase shares in this offering who do not participate in those other stock issuances will experience dilution in their percentage ownership of the Company’s outstanding shares. Furthermore, shareholders may experience a dilution in the value of their shares depending on the terms and pricing of any future share issuances (including the shares being sold in this offering) and the value of the Company’s assets at the time of issuance.

The Securities will be equity interests in the Company and will not constitute indebtedness.

The Securities will rank junior to all existing and future indebtedness and other non-equity claims on the Company with respect to assets available to satisfy claims on the Company, including in a liquidation of the Company. Additionally, unlike indebtedness, for which principal and interest would customarily be payable on specified due dates, there will be no specified payments of dividends with respect to the Securities and dividends are payable only if, when and as authorized and declared by the Company and depend on, among other matters, the Company’s historical and projected results of operations, liquidity, cash flows, capital levels, financial condition, debt service requirements and other cash needs, financing covenants, applicable state law, federal and state regulatory prohibitions and other restrictions and any other factors the Company’s board of directors deems relevant at the time. In addition, the terms of the Securities will not limit the amount of debt or other obligations the Company may incur in the future. Accordingly, the Company may incur substantial amounts of additional debt and other obligations that will rank senior to the Securities.

There can be no assurance that we will ever provide liquidity to Purchasers through either a sale of the Company or a registration of the Securities.

There can be no assurance that any form of merger, combination, or sale of the Company will take place, or that any merger, combination, or sale would provide liquidity for Purchasers. Furthermore, we may be unable to register the Securities for resale by Purchasers for legal, commercial, regulatory, market-related or other reasons. In the event that we are unable to effect a registration, Purchasers could be unable to sell their Securities unless an exemption from registration is available. 

The Company does not anticipate paying any cash dividends for the foreseeable future.

The Company currently intends to retain future earnings, if any, for the foreseeable future, to repay indebtedness and to support its business. The Company does not intend in the foreseeable future to pay any dividends to holders of its shares of common stock.  In addition to the risks listed above, businesses are often subject to risks not foreseen or fully appreciated by the management. It is not possible to foresee all risks that may affect us.

Moreover, the Company cannot predict whether the Company will successfully effectuate the Company’s current business plan. Each prospective Purchaser is encouraged to carefully analyze the risks and merits of an investment in the Securities and should take into consideration when making such analysis, among other, the Risk Factors discussed above.




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