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I founded this company upon the realization that there is no possible way a dry sheet of toilet paper is the silver-bullet for all personal hygiene tasks.  In 2008, I had an epiphany (after watching a Seinfeld episode and noticing what a friend of mine was using) that toilet paper is an incomplete system.  

Most of us grew up using toilet paper, which does an incomplete job.  At some point, we all wished we had a wet wipe.  Sometimes, we need both.

I personally found that using baby wipes and toilet paper was a more complete system than toilet paper alone.  Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that baby wipes were not flushable. So I took a step back to look at my options:

  • dry toilet paper that does an incomplete job;
  • baby wipes that just finished clogging my pipes; and
  • the bidet, which I had no room or desire to install.

We designed a perfect negotiation between toilet paper, baby wipes and the bidet, without their limitations. Fundamentally, the answer is simple; make a wet and dry system. Keep toilet paper, add wet wipes.  Just make sure the wipes are totally flush safe AND give the wipes a sanitary home near the toilet paper so everyone can reach them.

We see all kinds of wipes on the market. More than 92% of all wipes should never be flushed.  All of them look similar, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Even certain brands of "flushable wipes" have been caught making questionable claims. Among other variables, lack of industry regulation, voluntary 3rd Party lab testing, and deceptive marketing practices by several big wipe brands have created a virtual mine field of flushable wipe uncertainty for the customer who just wants something that works as advertised.

The buck stops here, with Tidymates.  We take flushability very seriously.

Our business model is the razor blade model.  Only our exclusive wipes are designed to fit inside our dispensing system -keeping away "bad" wipes from pipes.

Our patented snap-in system (3 issued U.S. patents + more patents pending) unifies toilet paper and our independently certified flushable wipes to one location. We believe that Tidymates is revolutionizing hygiene and standardizing a product that galvanizes the flushable wipes industry (protecting customers, pipes, municipal wastewater treatment facilities and our environment).

The Company has developed and owns all custom plastic injection and blow molds, has inventory in-stock, and established a scalable, international supply chain.  We are currently selling our products at Staples.com, Amazon, and tidymates.com, as well as, commercially via Waxie Sanitary Supply.

Please review our profile in greater detail for more information and contact us if you have other questions.


The patented Tidymates, snap-in hygiene system, eliminates all of the deficiencies that exist with traditional wipes and wipe packaging in the bathroom.  By combining toilet paper and truly flushable wipes to a single location, it elevates the entire experience of hygiene to an organized, convenient, and sanitary system. Plus, our proprietary flushable wipes are independently lab tested to be the most scientifically advanced/safest wipe product on the market -based on 6 metrics.

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The marketers of toilet paper have done a fantastic job brainwashing all of us to believe those dry squares of toilet paper are the silver-bullet for all our personal hygiene tasks.  Whereas, at no other time in history has a dry paper sheet of anything been sufficient to clean any other part of our bodies.  

Nevertheless, toilet paper is a $50 Billion dollar business, annually.  

Our innovative Company represents the most ideal solutions to complete the incomplete system of toilet paper.  

The flushable wipes category was established in 1997, and has grown from a $500 million to a $2.5 billion dollar industry.  The forecast for flushable wipes is expected to grow at a rate of 5-7% annually for at least the next 10 years.  With consumer access to superior delivery systems [which the Company believes it has patented], the founder sees no reason why the flushable wipes category could not reach $10 Billion within the next 20 years.


1 minute scientific video below:

Something we didn't show in the above was the conclusion of the 3 hour long slosh test.  See the last 30 seconds here:


Our initial focus is on wholesale distribution via commercial resellers who already have a supply chain in place with hotels, hospitals, government, etc. and, to have an online retail presence.  Once reasonable market penetration has been achieved in these market segments, we expect that traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores will call us.

The exit strategy is to build-up our valuation and get bought out via M&A.  The ideal candidates for potential M&A may include, but not limited to: The Proctor & Gamble Company, Kimberly-Clark, Georgia Pacific, and Unilever.  



Andrew Yaros

Founder and President

Andrew Yaros is the Inventor of Tidymates® and founder of Duo, LLC dba: Trio Hygiene Systems, LLC; an innovative product design company that develops, manufactures and sells its own patented series of revolutionary hygiene products.

Growing up in a small New England town, in the 1980's, he was too young to consider becoming an inventor. However, he enjoyed thinking up and doodling new ideas for products. Then one day years later he saw an idea of his for sale in a store.

Andrew grew bored with college, convinced the world of business was more challenging and exciting. At nineteen, he qualified to be a Series-7 Stock Broker. Ever since, he has preferred hands on learning, and has come to value real world experience over the classroom environment.

Since then, he has worked for nearly two decades in the Securities/Finance, Sales, and in C-Level executive management.

Since 2013, he has focused full-time in team building, consumer product, and supply chain development for DUO, LLC.

After watching a Seinfeld re-run (“Face Painter” episode), and experiencing dissatisfaction with toilet paper himself, he saw an overlooked product opportunity somewhere between traditional toilet paper and the need for a bidet.

In 2008, he started using wet wipes. He was disappointed to discover they were not convenient or flushable. He took it upon himself to create a product that would solve both issues.

Although he had never manufactured a product before, or brought one to market; he assembled a development team, produced and tested prototypes, and seen Tidymates® through to commercialization.

Andrew is a believer that nothing worth accomplishing ever comes easily, perseverance is the key driver of success.


Bill Gordon

Operations and Manufacturing

Born in New York, based in Kowloon, Hong Kong, with 30 years manufacturing experience. Bill Gordon has been the Managing Director at P3 International for nearly 2 decades.

Highly experienced in Sourcing, Manufacturing and Operations Management, and an integral part of Tidymates® operations.

Bill manages a team of more than 20 employees, bringing in wide range of professional experience in Merchandising, Engineering, Quality Control, Shipping, and Finance.

Customers include Spiderman, Sponge Bob, Barbie, American Idol, Dora the Explorer, Hulk, Iron Man, Monopoly and more.

The P3 team communicates, oversees and accounts for all international business affairs and transactions directed by the Company.

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